Projects Undertaken

National Level Projects 

National Animal Disease Reporting System

National Animal Disease Reporting System in NADRS project has been developed to check under reporting, non reporting and delay in reporting of the animal disease and losses incured.

Direct Benefit Fund Transfer (DBT)

DBT is under implementation for e-governance solution and automation of Direct Fund Transfer to beneficiaries for the various user departments. Portal for Direct Fund Transfer to beneficiaries is

Consumer Foram Networking (CONFONET)

The Computerisation and Networking Project of District Consumer Forum was initiated in July 2006 with installation of hardware, setting up of LAN and installation of Application Software. Training to the staff of the District Consumer Forum was provided on basic computer operations and the operation of the software. Registration of backlog cases has been completed and the online registration of cosumer cases is being done. Daily cause-list is being uploaded on the web site.Weekly status of cases is transmitted to state consumer forum.

   Agriculture Marketing Network (AGMARKNET)

In order to minimize the role of middle man in marketing of Agricultural produce, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India has started an innovative central sector scheme (AGMARKNET) whereby the rates of different commodities that arrive in APMC's (Mandi's) are fed into the computer and the compiled data is then transmitted to NIC HQ to be displayed on the AGMARKNET portal. The rates of various commodities that arrive at various APMC's are available on the web site for the farmers to decide as to where to sell their produce. The project has been successfully implemented in Jabalpur, Sihora and Shahpura APMC's (Mandi's) of the District and data is being sent regularly for display on the web site.

MIS for National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS)

For monitoring the status of implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, (NREGS), NIC HQ has developed an offline MIS software which is required to be implemented in all the blocks of the districts where NREGS is being implemented. Jabalpur District was taken up for implementation in the Phase III from 1st April 2008. In preparedness for the implementation of the MIS for NREGS the household data from all the blocks in the district was compiled and sent to NIC HQ for processing. The offline MIS S/w was installed in all the blocks  with the processed data. The MIS has been implemented in all the seven  blocks of the districts.

  Connectivity to Head Post Offices  

NIC is in the process  of establishing a WAN for 1318 Post Offices across the country in two phases out of which 544 Post Offices have been taken up in the first phase. HPO Jabalpur was among the 22 Post Offices selected in M.P. The project involved commissioning of 2MBPS LL between the HPO and the local NIC Centre and connecting the existing LAN of the GPO through Router and Swith to NICNET. The commissioning  of the LL and the establishment of connectivity was completed within the deadline and is functioning fine. GPO is using NICNET for their online applications.

State Level Projects

Samagra Samajik Suraksha Mission(SSSM)

The project is being taken up in Mission Mode Project and has been set-up by the GoMP to execute the  initiative .Govt of Madhya Pradesh is running various social security schemes for the common man. Major Category of Schemes include Pensions, Scholarships, Medical Assistance, Insurance,  Assistance for Marriages etc. These schemes are being funded and implemented by different department/agencies/boards. Govt  of MP has decided to provide all benefits of a scheme from single  place and transparency in  operations for common man. NIC designed and developed a common portal  and a comprehensive work-flow based application and MIS  to facilitate the implementation  of the initiative in a hassle free and efficient manner. The project involves a detailed door-to-door survey to  collect KYC+ information of various schemes for creation of  a comprehensive database of all families and their members. This database facilitate generation and allocation of a unique  ‘SAMAGRA’ Code for each of the person. All the benefits under any scheme will be provided  using the ‘SAMAGRA’ Code. Portal for SSSM is &

e-Uparjan (Wheat/Paddy Procurement Monitoring System)

Procurement of paddy & wheat  for Food department with ICT Support  & Co-ordination has been implemented .Online as well as offline Computerized Procurement is running  with the support of Mandi societies in district .Payment has been directly transferred to Farmer account. Portal for procurement is s

e-District Project

The mpeDistrict project was conceptualized to improve and enhance the efficiencies of the various Departments at the district-level to enable seamless service delivery to the citizen.Front-ends under the scheme, in the form of citizen facilitation centers, are envisioned to be built at District, Tehsil, Sub-division and Block levels. e-District is one of the 27 MMPs under NeGP, with the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India (GoI) as the nodal Department, to be implemented by State Government or their designated agencies.. To achieve these objectives service levels and outcomes for each of these services will be clearly laid down by the concerned State, with a view to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery. The Lokseva MIS has been developed by M.P.State Centre Bhopal for online e-governance solution and automation of LokSeva guarantee Adhinium 2010 for District administration. Website for consolidated data entering is and common portal for daily services is

Land Record Computerisation

Bhu-Abhilekh' 'the Land Record Computerisation project has been implemented in all the six tehsils of the district. The project involves timely updation of the Land details of the land owners, doing mutation entry, printing of Khasra and B1. The computerised copies of Khasra and B1 are being distributed all over the district at all the tehsil headquarters and also at some ‘tappa’ tehsils. Government is also planning to issue computerised maps of the land to the land owners very soon.

Child Record Information System  

This innovative project was initiated by the Commissioner, Jabalpur Division. The projects aims at capturing the details of a child right from the pregnancy till he attains an age of 5 years and start going to school. A software has been prepared to capture the details of every child. The offline software is being implemented at all the Block HQ and the data is being sent to the district for compilation. The compiled data is then hosted on the web site so that it can be viewed on the public domain.

Parakh (Basic Services/Amenities Monitoring System)

This program has been launched by the "mso-ansi-language:EN-US" State Govt. for monitoring the services provided to citizens by different department. Village wise survey is done every month to get the status of the functioning of different departments. NIC MP State Centre has developed a software to capture the data of the survey and generation of various MIS reports for the District Administraation to monitor the performance of various department. The data is also displayed on the web-site for public accss and information.State Level monitoring of the scheme is done by the Chief Secretary on every third thursday of the month through video conference. The Collectors of all the Districts and the Commissioners of all the Division participate in the VC.

Samadhan On-line  

This facility has been started to resolve the public grievances online by the Hon'ble Chief Minister. All the Public grievances received by the CM Office are kept online. A web site has been designed, developed and hosted by the NIC M.P. State Centre Bhopal through which about 20 to 25 applications, selected randomly, are sent to the concerned officials online for submission of report on the same day. The report on the greivance should reach CM Office on the same day. CM takes up these greivances one by one with the respective Collectors online on Video Conference on the same day and issue necessary instructions for the redressal. First Tuesday of the month has been fixed for Samadhan Online

Projects developed by NIC Jabalpur 

Computerisation of Govt. M H College, Jabalpur.

Govt M.H. College, Jabalpur has entered into a MoU with NICSI for its Computerisation project. The project involved requirement analysis,& supply of required hardware, Networking and development of a Computerised MIS Application Software for the Institute. The entire project, in general, and the Software development, in particular, is being done by NIC Jabalpur.The software provides computerisation of Student / Staff Management, Attendance Management, Hostel Management, Examination Management, Accounts Management etc.

File Monitoring System for Office of the Collector, Jabalpur

On the request of district collector a web enabled software was designed and developed by NIC Distrcit Unit Jabalpur, for Monitoring and Tracking file Movement in an office. The software has features of Creating a file, Marking a file to other officers, Viewing pending Files for a Department or an OIC (Statistical or Detailed). This system allots a unique file number for all files to monitor the movement of all the files. The software has been developed in ASP as front end and SQL Server 2000.The software is under testing. After successful testing it will ready to implement


The District Local Level Committee was set up by the Board of the National Trust  for the welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebram Paisy, Mental retardation and Multiple disability. The District Local Level Committee, Jabalpur has been very active in implementing the programmes of National Trust. The local level committee has been instrumental in providing legal guardianship to 590 mentally challenged persons, in addition to facilitating disability certificates, organizing special medical boards, encouraging self-employment and providing counseling to guardians. On the request of the Collector a software was prepared for registering and monitoring the Legal Guardians and providing them assistance so that all the benefits of the Governmnt. Schemes reach to them effectively. Recently the software has been requested by the National Trust to be implemented all over the country.

Revenue Court Cases Monitoring System

For monitoring the status of the cases registered in various revenue courts Revenue Court Cases Monitoring System has been developed by NIC Jabalpur. The software provides a facility to register / modify cases presented in a revenue court from the level of Commissioner to SDM. It also has a feature to generate various statiscal reports and, most importantly, the daily cause list. The software is being used in Commissioner Office and Collector's Office and also in many other districts.

Arms Licences Management System

As per requirement of district administration NIC Jabalpur has designed and developed Arms Licences Management System. The software is used for registration of new arms License as well as renewal of arms licenses, addition of weapons, cancellation of licenses, change of address etc. More than 10,000 arms has been registered through it. Different types are reports like yearwise Arms License register, police stationwise reports can be generated using the software.

Samadhan One day (One day Governance)  

Samadhan Ek Diwas” was launched by Collector Jabalpur with an objective to simplify the public delivery system. It endeavors to promote transparency in public administration. “Samadhan Ek Diwas” is aimed at providing citizen centric services to the common man on the same day of application. A software for the purpose has been developed by NIC Jabalpur. Six computers counters have been establishhed for receiving the applications. The applications are received till 1-00 PM on every day and after that they are processed by the concerned department. The certificates / permissions are delivered to the citizens on the same counter where they have made the application at 4-00 PM. The scheme has been very popular among people ever since its launch on 1st July 2006 and till date about 1.05 lakh certificates have been issued.

Other Activities

Web Services, VPN Connectivity  and Digital Certificate Installation

NIC is providing VPN connectivity to all the users having their web sites on NIC servers for updating their respective web sites. Installation of VPN Certificates and technical support for updation of the web sites is being provided by NIC Jabalpur to the local users having their websites on NIC Servers. Installation and technical support for the use of Digital Signatures provided to various departments is also being done by NIC Jabalpur.

Connectivity to variuos offices through leased lines

NIC Jabalpur is connected to NIC Bhopal on a 2 MBPS leased Line . NIC abalpur has provided leased line connectivity to High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Office of the Divisional Commissioner, Jabalpur Division, Head Post Office and Conservator of Forest, Central Circle, Jabalpur.

Managing Video Conferences  

The Video Conferencing facility had been started by NIC since September 2004. The facility is being used by most of the departments regularly to interact with their head offices. VC facility is proving to be very beneficial as it saves a lot of time and money involved in traveling.

Maintenance of web-site of the District Administration

The official website of the district is being regularly updated with latest information. Links to web sites of important organizations in Jabalpur and information on major projects being run by the District Administration

Major Activities

President Visit

The ICT Infrastructure and technical support have been provided during the visit of The President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in the month of October 2006. The President Visited at M.P.High Court for Silver Jubilee function and Convocation function at Rani Durgawati Vishawa Vidhalaya Jabalpur. As per instruction received from the office of the President the establishment of ICT Infrastructure was done and technical support was provided by NIC, Jabalpur at M.P.High Court, Rani Durgawati Vishawa Vidhyalaya and Circuit house Jabalpur during the visit of the President.

Election Support  for Assembly Elections and Parliament Elections

NIC Jabalpur has played an important role during the Parliament Elections and Assembly Election in . NIC Jabalpur was involved in almost all major activities of Election like Polling party formation, Randomization of Polling parties, Generation of orders for polling parties, Route Chart Preparation, Nomination process and scanning and transmission of nomination papers to the Election Commission, etc. NIC was again involved in the tabulation of results, preparation of required reports after results tabulation and transmission of round wise results to Election Commission. The activities of  NIC at the time of Election were appreciated by the District Collector.

Farmers Awareness programme to popularize the use of AGMARKNET portal

To popularize the AGMARKNET scheme, farmers Awareness Program (Kisan Sammelan) was organized by NIC Jabalpur at the Mandi premises. A presentation on AGMARKNET project and the demonstration of the Agmarknet website was given at the program. Senior Officers from the district, mandi officials and farmers from all over the district attended the program. Farmers appreciated the use of AGMARKNET portal to them in selling their agriculture produce.

Govt.of India M.P. State Legal Services Authority were also developed by NIC, Jabalpur.Jabalpur After the major Earthquake in May 1997 The Jabalpur District Administration was engaged in the relief related works. NIC Jabalpur actively participated in the relief work by computerising the distribution of relief, the details of the damage etc. Various reports were generated which were very helpful to the District Administration. The participation of NIC was widely acclaimed.The Centre has also computerised the rehabilitation details of the Bargi Dam Project for the Jabalpur, Seoni and Mandla Districts. The other major projects implemented are 11 Points Programme for Basic Amenities of the State Government,ICDS MPR for WCD, CNAA for CMHO ,Time Limit Papers MonitoringAIES for All India school education survey, BPL survey , Minor Irrigation Census, Panchlekha for Department of Panchayat & Social Welfare, PDMS software for Department of Food & Civil Supplies, RFS software for Registrar Firms & Societies, PHEMIS & PHEWQ Softwares for PHE Department,Works Monitoring System of MPLAD for DPO etc.Coordination of projects taken up by NICSI. A Video Conferencing Centre of NIC has been established in all about districts in MP .The VC facility is operational at all the district of Jabalpur Division .Most of the government departments are reviewing their schemes on weekly basis using VC facility