The climate of the district is congenial for successful cultivation for oilseed, pulses, cereals and horticultural crops, with the annual rain fall of 1358 mm. The maximum temperature is in May (40-430C) and minimum temperature is in January (8-100C). Crops like Paddy, Pigeon pea, Soybean, Maize, Sesame in kharif and Wheat, Gram, Pea and Mustard in rabi are grown predominantly in the district. The total area under irrigation is 28% out of which only 18% is double cropped in this district.

Agriculture Department
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Shri K.S.Netam Joint Director Kisan Kalyan & Krishi Vikas,In front of Algin Hospital, Jabalpur 0761-2624390 9425163967
Shri S.K.Nigam Dy. Director Dy. Director, Kisan Kalyan & Krishi Vikas, Room No 60 Collectorate, Jabalpur 0761-2624359 90399494735