Social Justice and Disabled Welfare

Madhya Pradesh Government – One Step towards Light

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Madhya Pradesh Government – One Step towards Light

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विधालय भवन - मांसिक रुप से अविकसित बालग्रह, जबलपुर (म.प्र.)
Vidyalaya Bhawan – Mentally underdeveloped Balgriha, Jabalpur (MP)

The development of the brain is the most important aspect of human life, if the brain of someone’s intellect or retardation comes, then all the challenges of his life are doubled. Government mentally underdeveloped Balgrah Jabalpur (MP) took up a pledge regarding rehabilitation, education and employment of the mentally retarded girls. Under this, the government-run institution was established on 01/12/1981.
“These children are unhelpful to society due to mental retardation”. This theory “theoretically undeveloped childbearing” theoretically rejects this idea. Mental retarded children need no mercy. Actually society There is a need to change this attitude of the people. By considering these mentally retarded children as special institution, they will be given education- training, handicraft, business arts, skill development, recidivism, self-improvement by giving training. It is showing a new way of creating life. Identifying specific children, finding talent, giving them a respectful platform, taking responsibility for the overall development of their personality is the main objective of Balagraha workers. It is an effort, that it is family, environment, society and nation level. But they can get a new identity at social, cultural and business level and can become an important link in the all round development of the society. This government agency lsaquo are paved wants to own your way to the floor and it should intimate cooperation of the whole society. Similar affirmative path to refine, enhance mental retarded children’s lives from their power.
Specialized changes have also taken place in the special training of this specific boy / girl (MR), which has been operated since 1981. For the first time since 2012, he was provided by the Department of Special Teachers (MR) for special education. Of the 9 divisions of Madhya Pradesh, 7 are mentally retarded in government schools. Where Special Teachers (MR) are making their specific contribution. Sankardhani Jabalpur city is the divisional headquarters of Madhya Pradesh, which has an ancient and rich history, it is said that the city is named Jabalpur along with being the Tapobhumi of the sage Jabali. This has been the work place of the leading Sanskrit creator Rajasekhar. Spiritual musings Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Osho’s thoughts also followed this. Vyakaranacharya Kamta Prasad Guru of Hindi, poet Keshav Bhavani Prasad Mishra and Harishankar Parsai have been literary figures of this city. Jabalpur, situated on the banks of the Narmada River, is picturesque and diverse in nature. For the Sangamarri parties, it is a beautiful sight of world famous Bedaghat. There is a proliferation of forest wealth in the 200 -300 km radius of Jabalpur. The varied dimensions of wildlife are reflected in Kanha, Bandhavgarh Pench and Panna National Parks. Jabalpur has always been famous as a cultural center. Hence Vinoba Bhave has called it Saskardhani.

Current and upcoming strategies

• All-round development of personality “Self reliance training, so that it can get proper place in the society. For this, special training on the subject of social development.
• To develop skills at present, candle making to students, enrich training facilities and implement them in an employment oriented manner.
• To provide training for art talent to transform into a business. To develop creation through music, dance, yoga and sports competitions.

Facilities available

Special Education – Special teachers (MR) are provided to 6-18 years students by MRCH with the help of special techniques, special methods and special tools.

मांसिक दिव्यांग छात्र-छात्राओ को विशेष शिक्षा देते हुए विशेष शिक्षक
Special teacher giving special education to the physically challenged students

Speech therapy, Occupational therapy / Physio therapy, Sewing training, Painting training, Yoga, Sports, Cultural programs

मांसिक दिव्यांग छात्र-छात्राओ को विशेष शिक्षा देते हुए विशेष शिक्षक
Special teacher giving special education to the physically challenged students

Facilities available

• Residential school (50 children-50 girls) approved.
• free meal
• system of teaching
• Free medical facility
• Resource Room
• Assessment, IEP
Maruti vans for vehicle arrangement

सामाजिक न्याय
Vehicle arrangement

Major achievements

सामाजिक न्याय -5
1-Collector Jabalpur Shri Bharat Yadav Observing the self-created material by mental divyang.
2-Mrs. Usha Sinh (Sewing Trainee), honoring the winners (M.R.) in the 2-race event.

• Madhya Pradesh government mentally underdeveloped Balgrah (Jabalpur) is the first government institution to provide self-employment to the children here in the collectorate guide with the guidance of Honorable present collector Shri Bharat Yadav and Superintendent in charge Dr. Ramnaresh Patel mentally retarded in Jabalpur (MP). Material created by the children was given place for festive selling, where the talent of the children was increased Dh spread throughout the state, including forums and appreciated and it has meaning to the idea of ​​creating useful part of society |
• Two mentally challenged children (Nikhil and Suresh) studying in mentally underdeveloped Balagrah Jabalpur (MP) were selected in the 200m race event (Abilampic) in the nationally organized Special Abilampic and awarded Gold Medal.

World Handicapped Day

सामाजिक न्याय -6
World Handicapped Day Rally, cultural events and prize distribution.

World Disabled Day is organized every year on 1 to 3 December in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, in which the performance of competence on 1 December, sports competition on 2 December, rally and cultural program on 3 December are organized by government and non-governmental organizations.
District level sports competitions for children with disabilities are organized, competitions, rangoli, crochea work, pot macking, painting, dancing, singing, playing and other programs.

Participation in other activities

• Children have special participation in Lake Festival, Sharad Purnima and Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day.
• From time to time, Vruddhashram is organized in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh with special participation in the festivals of mentally challenged children and honorable elders, presence of dignitaries, collective participation in the presence of administrative officers and special festivals are celebrated in joy.

सामाजिक न्याय 7
Honorable Minister Mr. Lakhan Ghanghoria with mental disabilities and elderly people at the lake festival, performing at the lake festival.

Departmental administration

• Honorable Minister, Mr. Lakhan Ghanghoria ji, M.P. Government Social Justice and Disabled Welfare Department and Scheduled Castes |
• Ministry Departmental Control Principal Secretary, MP Government Social Justice and Disability
Ministry of Public Welfare Department Vallabh Bhavan Bhopal |
• Director – Social Justice Disabled Welfare Operations. Tulsi Nagar, 1250 Bhopal |
• Office – Joint Director Shri Ashish Dixit, Social Justice and Disabled Public Welfare, Jabalpur Division, Jabalpur (MP) Tel no. 0761 – 26 25256
• Superintendent Dr. Ramnaresh Patel, Mentally underdeveloped Balgrah Jabalpur (MP) Tel no. 94251 59225
• Jabalpur Division Support Staff – Administrative Officer Mrs. Usha Singh (Mo.9425829078), Akram Ansari (Painting Instructor), Clerk Mr. G. D. Yadav, Mrs. Vanmala Rai Malaviya (Special Teacher), Mrs. Arunima Chaturvedi (Special Teacher), Mrs. Anamika Singh (Special Teacher), Mr. Meenesh Malviya (Special Teacher), Mr. Naveen Namdev (Warden), Unskilled Staff, Kitchen, Chowkidar , Cleaner

Institutions run by Department

• Government mentally underdeveloped Balgrih, Jabalpur (MP)
• Sh. Higher Secondary School for Visually Impaired. Jabalpur (MP)
• Sh. Hearing Impaired Higher Secondary School.Jabalpur (MP)
• Sh. Cripple Welfare Institute, Jabalpur (MP)
Note: – District Free Rehabilitation Center Jabalpur (MP) (DDRC) and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Periodic guidance from Government Medical College Psychiatry (Psychiatry)
Consultation is taken

Departmental-driven schemes

• Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme. Composite Social Security Pension Scheme. Grant-in-aid scheme for persons with disabilities of over 6 years of age or mentally retarded
• Disabled Marriage Promotion Scheme. Chief Minister Disabled Education Promotion Scheme. Scholarship for differently-abled students, signatory allowance for visually impaired students and incentive money for outstanding students. Fee to be paid in higher education, subsistence allowance, transport allowance scheme. Housing assistance scheme for 100% hearing impaired students. Civil Services Promotion Services Scheme for Persons with Disabilities. Skill training of vision / hearing impaired at ITI. Support to leprosy families. Operation of District Disability Rehabilitation Center. Deendayal Divyang Rehabilitation Scheme. Adip scheme. AGP (Awareness Generation and Publicity) Scheme. National Trust (8 schemes under the National Trust Act 1999 for self-dementia mental retardation, Celebral Palasi Bahuwiklango – Niramaya, Gharaunda, Development Direction, Samarth, Sahyog, Motivation, Rising Steps are governed). UID card. Uninterrupted environment for PwDs. Skill Development and Planning for PwDs. Inclusive education for PwDs. Identification of Disability, Early Intervention, Prevention of Disability. Determination of State Policy under Section 21 of the PwD Act 2016.


Outstanding work done year-wise in the institutions / urban bodies / development blocks at the district level for mental disabilities, visually impaired, other persons with disabilities under the Department of Social Justice and Disabled Welfare in Jabalpur, towards the Government of India, New Delhi, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment District (Jabalpur MP) was awarded with National Award.
In the year December 2002, Dr. Ramnaresh Patel got Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was conferred the National Award by the President.
In December 2006, under the Local Level Committee National Trust, the most legal guardianship was done for them for the excellent work done in software, rehabilitation etc. The then Collector and the current in-charge Secretary, MP. Government Jabalpur (MP) Mr. Sanjay Dubey has been given National Award by the President Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam .

सामाजिक न्याय 8

Year 2002: Dr. A.P.J. Dr. Ramnaresh Patel receiving the award by Abdul Kalam.
Year 2006: Dr. A.P.J. Mr. Sanjay Dubey receiving the award by Abdul Kalam.

In September 2007, the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment was awarded the Government of India by the National Trust Government of India for the commendable work done by the National Trust Local Level Committee.
In December 2016, the then Collector Shri Mahesh Chandra Chaudhary was awarded the National Award for the outstanding work done in the district in the field of disability by the President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.
In December 2014, the then Collector Shri Mahesh Chandra Chaudhary was awarded the National Award by the President for setting up a barrier-free environment for the disabled in the district. There were many good works available in the institutions of disabled welfare of the district.

सामाजिक न्याय -9


Year 2016: Collector Mr. Mahesh Chandra Chaudhary receiving the award by President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee
2017: Collector Mr. Mahesh Chandra Chaudhary receiving the award from the President Mr. Ramnath Kovind.

In the year 2014, Government Visually Impaired Higher Secondary School, Jabalpur received ‘ISO Certificate’. Establishment of Internet, computerized library under the easy India of Drishibhitdho in this school was established by tireless efforts by District Administration then Collector Maheshchandra Chaudhary, then CEO, District Panchayat Smt Harshika Singh, then Principal Dr. Ramnaresh Patel, Lead Central Bank Gone .
Hon’ble Minister Shri Lakhan Ghanghoria, Government of Madhya Pradesh Social Justice and Disabled Public Welfare, education initiation, rehabilitation, cultural organizing, equipment distribution were done by the Scheduled Castes Department.
In May 2019, the laptop was distributed to Drishibhitadho, a Smart Cane Stick for Blind Person, in June 2019. Many such facilities have been distributed in the initiation of rehabilitation education for disabled people, distribution of special equipment, disabilities certificate distribution, many achievements in the field of education have been made due to the efforts of Honorable Minister.

सामाजिक न्याय -10
1 – Distribution of equipment to Divyangjans by Honorable Minister Shri Lakhan Ghanghoria.
2-Year 2019: Dr Ram Naresh Patel Drishti Sansthan awarded ‘Louis Braille Award’ by Chitrakoot.

Nodal Officer / Member Advisory Board Madhya Pradesh by Louis Braille Honors Institute in Chitrakoot for contributions to rehabilitation, education training, legal guardianship and other assistance in the district in the field of disability for years. Government and Social Justice Disabled Welfare Department, Madhya Pradesh, Superintendent mentally underdeveloped Balgrah Jabalpur (MP), Superintendent State Disabled Welfare Institute, Jabalpur (MP) Dr. Ram Naresh Patel was awarded the Legal Guardianship so far The figure is 1170 and mental disability grant is 2774.