Hanuman Janm Utsav

Hanuman-Jayanti rally
  • Celebrated on/during: April
  • Significance:

    From the morning, a period of worship-erun begins in the Hanuman temples of the city and rural areas, from the morning on the occasion of Lord Rama’s unique devotee Kesari Nandan Hanuman. On the other hand, offerings of stores also give an opportunity to devote to devotees, Shobhayatra is removed from place to place and devotees singing praises of Lord Ganesha – Jai Shriram – Jai Hanuman. In the Hanuman temples, along with Viraj Hanuman temple near Garmghat, Patababa, Ranital gate number 2 in the city of Ramlala Hanuman temple, morning, devotees of Hanuman Lal’s eyes seem to get a glimpse of the devotees.

  • Festive Attires :

    saffron color cloth